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Saferefugerwanda ia a Christian Organisation founded by Marie-Christine Nibagwire in 2001 to help refugees and survivors of the Rwandan genocide, who live in Western Europe and North America rebuild their lives.  

Saferefugerwanda provides day to day practical advice to men, women and children refugees, helping them in their integration in the Western society. Saferefugerwanda also help parents to adapt the upbringing of their children in the western context. 

Saferefugerwanda’s founder, Marie-Christine Nibagwire is a survivor of the genocide of Rwanda who arrived in the United Kingdom in 1998 after being in three other countries, seeking asylum without success. She worked with the Tracing Agency of the International Committee of the Red Cross, on the program of Rwanda, helping Rwandan refugees to trace their relatives, communicate with them or facilitating their family reunions. Marie-Christine Nibagwire has qualifications on counseling and mentoring refugees and she has travelled in most Western European countries, Canada and in eighteen states of America, mentoring and counseling survivors of the genocide of Rwanda. Her knowledge of five different languages (Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Kiswahili, French, English) help her to communicate with many refugees or to be a voice for them.  

Saferefugerwanda has a passion to prevent genocide. Saferefugerwanda has survivors who testify about the warning signs and triggering events that have led to the genocide of Rwanda and who experienced the suffering of it during and after it happened. Saferefugerwanda believes that the only way to prevent the genocide in future is by educating the churches, schools, universities, local communities even international communities the values of equality, justice and respect of one another. To see “the other as a blessing” not as a burden.

Should you need to know much about refugees and details of the work of Saferefugerwanda, please do not hesitate to invite Marie-Christine to share with your family, your school, your community or your faith group. Marie-Christine is now a Licensed Minister of the Church of England and she is now doing a research on “The role of Faith Groups in helping refugees”. Contact tel. +447904211018 or [email protected], Bank Accoun13754060, Sort Code: 30-96-19. IBAN: GB40 LOYD 3096 1913 7540 60. BIC: L0YDGB21111

We ask for donations of clothes and money to help some refugees in who are still in Africa with no other organisation or social services helping them. We help them with small projects that help them to generate income to buy food for their children, pay their medical treatment and school fees. A donation of £150 towards a sewing machine, its accessories and materials, does not only change a lifestyle of a whole household but it also restore their destiny. Maybe your family, your group of friends, your faith community or your club would wish to help such desperate refugees, please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more details.